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Yunnan (Beautiful Clouds in the South) Province is located in the southwest of china bordering the countries of Vietnam, Laos, and Burma.

The province is China's most geographically and ethnically diverse province, the region topography ranges from alpine mountain ranges to tropical rainforests and has the largest number of plant species in China (more than 18,000).  The region has an impressive array of animals, including the Asian elephant, the protected Yunnan golden monkey and giant Panda. The diversity of the region even includes a rainforest in the area known as Xishuangbanna where you will find many rare and endangered species of plants and animals. The region host’s nearly half of china’s ethnic minorities (25) making it the most culturally diverse province in china. Yunnan is one of the birth places of mankind with the discovery of the "Yuanmou Xiaohe Ancient Ape" in the 1960’s. This ancient ancestor of man dates back more than 1.7 million years.  Yunnan is arguably china’s most beautiful province, rich in its natural wonders as well as its peoples and culture.



Journeys in Yunnan:

Yunnan Impression

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