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Amazing Yunnan Tour

Yunnan is beautiful and romantic destination for the diverse minorities culture, unique religious & their monastery and fantastic landscape including grand gorges, snow mountain, Yangtze river, prime forest, nature lake, grassland.. What we could help you to take the adventure tour to Yunnan Province is as following: 
Dali Three Pagodas   Mt. Kawa Karpo.    Lijiang old town   Yuantong temple
Yubeng                        Yuanmo            Tibet Grassland                   Dali

"City of Eternal Spring" will leave you with memories to last forever. This garden city is the centre of one of China's most ethnically diverse areas with so much to see.
Stone Forest: The various shapes of karst landscape was formed due to the millions  years movement of Earth. The Stone Forest area is the home of the Sani people.


  • Explore the local dwellings of Bai Minority nationality in Xizhou and fishery villages nearby the Erhai Lake.
  • Three Courses of Tea" ceremony.
  • Visit Batik workshop to learn about Bai Ethnic handicrafts.

Sightseeing: Erhai Lake; Dali Old Town;and Three pagodas Temple

Culture and architecture: 1. Sideng Street, Shaxi Market, was listed into WMF (Would Monuments Funds) in 2002, as itis the only one old bazarr surviving along the old tea horse Road.


  • Naxi Minority: part of the Sino-Tibetan Tibeto-Burman ethno linguistic group. Traditional religions include the national worship of Dongba, lama Buddhism and Daoism.
  • Explore unique Naxi daily life in Dayan Old town, and learn about Dongba’s Hieroglyphs and music which combine Tibetan and Daoism music.
  • Old tea horse road market


  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,
  • Lijiang Dayan Old Town, listed into listed by the UNESCO on the list of the world's major cultural heritages in 1997,
  • Naxi Baisha village,
  • Black Dragon Pool

Shangri La:

  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Tibetan folk art: Tangka Tibetan painting, wooden bowl workshop
  • Tibetan musician about Buddhism spiritual music
  • Tibetan house and family visiting


  • Tiger Leaping gorges, the deepest gorge in the world
  • First Bend of Yangtze River
  • Inner pilgrimage circle around Mt.Kawa Kapo.
  • Pudacuo National Nature Park
  • Songzanlin Monastery and Trekking to Ringa Monastery
  • Dukezong Tibetan Old Town
 5 days Luxury Private Yunnan Tour
 8 days Shangri La Discovery Trip
 11 days Dynamic Yunnan
 15 days Yunnan Impression
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