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Fuzhou Business Visit

Lonely Planet-China published a few years ago roughly saying that: Fuzhou is not interesting city. Through my guiding experience, actually most every groups of tourists felt very satisfied with fuzhou tour, because here is not too tourism and more local. Weather is nice in winter, there are more green, the history and culture is so rich. Food is good, especially sea food. We would give our understanding about this city code.  Hopefully you would love the city after Fuzhou City tour.    

Fuzhou Tour Code
History and Culture Code:
1. Ancient city with more than 2000 years old. The tour we recommend in Fuzhou: Yushan Hill and White Pagoda, Wushan Hill and Black Pagoda, Yongquan Temple and Xi Chan Temple and West Lake Park.
2. Min People& Civilization and Min River. The tour we recommend in Fuzhou: Fujian Provincial Museum, Fuzhou Folklore Museum and Min River Tour
3. Ming and Qing Dynasty Fuzhou. The tour we recommend in Fuzhou: Three Lanes and Seven Alley Area.
4. South China Marine Culture and China early Modern Enlightment revolution: Mawei Shipward and Ship Museum.
5. Fujian Tea: Fujian Tea (Ooloong Tea and Jasmine Tea, Kungfu Tea Ceremony)

Fuzhou Nice Restaurant for business meeting





 Westin Hotel-5 senses

High level Chinese cuisine with imported seafood and meat and western touch here and there.

Hotel restaurant for big groups and small groups

Shangri La-Summer Palace

High level Chinese cuisine  with local Fuzhou and Cantonese delicacies

Hotel restaurant for big groups and small groups

三坊七巷文儒9Wenru 9 Restaurant in Three Lanes and Seven Alleys   

Fuzhou Cuisine including Foutiaoqiang

Stylish restaurant in the Fuzhou old house with many boutiques and old furniture. For small groups (2-9 people)

Honor Restaurant

Good Chinese restaurant

Local good restaurant for big groups with round table.

Chaofu Cheng

Nice Dim Sum Restaurant

Cantonese restaurant for big groups and smaller groups.

Dongfang Hong Restaurant

Hunan Cuisine

Hunan cuisine restaurant. The waitress and waiter dressed in Red Army in Mao Time.

Buaguobuyi Restaurant

Sichuan Cuisine

Sichuan food restaurant with traditional Chinese atmospheres.


Vegetarian restaurant

for veggies.

Restaurant at White Pagoda

Vegetarian restaurant

Vegetarian restaurant in the Temple.


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