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Guides and Experts

Mr. Chen Shanggeng is an assistant for CCT Inbound China Tours, and graduated from Shanghai Fudan University in 2004, with a major in international finance. His experience includes two years of financial investment analysis, one year of financial media editing, and one year teaching Tourism Culture at Yunnan University. When he is working with Amazing China Travel,

Shanggeng manages the financial side of the operation, and also does theme tour planning and private tour service.

Thupten Tsering, Tibetan was born in 1974, graduated from university in India. He has a travelling personality that embodies the spirit of adventure and hard work of our legendary Khampa lados (muleteers). Thupten has ably led trips to the most remote of regions (and often with the most difficult rating) in the Tibetan highlands including Tibet Autonomous Region, Sichuan and Yunnan. Besides being passionate about new experiences and seeing new places, he is always focused on his clients and considers each trip a challenge in delivering service and care in addition to the knowledge of a place and culture.
Thupten joined Amazing China travel in 2007. Through hard work and dedication and the opportunities to guide some of the most difficult trips, he has evolved into a guide who can lead and serve no matter how big a group or how difficult the trek. As a second generation born with Lado genes and instincts, Thupten is in his comfort zone when he is in the wilderness. Besides being a doer, he is never shy and can launch himself into a Bollywood ballad anytime (at
the end of a high pass or after a good dinner in the wilderness) to express a sentimental side to the Lado spirit. As if by fate, Thupten recently married Amo, a Mekong girl he met on one of his Khawa karpo treks. He and Amo live in Gyalthang and have a four-year old son.


Tenzin was born in India as a Tibetan. He learnt English, Tibetan, Mandarin and Hindi when he was in the school.  Besides he speaks fluent English and excellent Oral Mandarin, he speaks different local Tibetan dialects. And He also spent 1 year teaching in Nomad school in Khampa Tibet area . So he has outstanding communication skill between remote Tibetan area and tourists.

In 2002 he began to guide the trekking groups from different country to explore the Yunnan Shangri La, Sichuan Khampa area and Tibet overland. He has been so pleased to share the Tibetan culture, and breathtaking landscape with his clients along all the trips.  As young generation of Tibetan, he is very easygoing to adopt new things from outside world. The trips companied by him are always fun and interesting.

As a native Uyghur of Xingjiang, Muhtar has been working on various kinds of tour groups, VIPs or the regular types, for more than 20 years. His rapport with the local ethnic minorities and extensive knowledge of their folklores ensure that our trip there offers an exceptional insight into the local cultures, wildlife and environments of the region. In 2005, he won the championship of the Xingjiang Tour Guide Speech Contest.




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