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About the Company

Amazing China Travel has a diverse group of tour guides and operators with over a decade of teamwork together. Our operators are Grace, Bernard, Lynn, Thupten, Tenzin and Sandy. Our excellent service and outstanding cross-cultural communication skills are not only due to the Chinese and local Tibetans on our staff, but the international partners as well. Please read our story for more details. We perform private, tailor-made tours as well as cooperative guides with other organizations. Please view our service page for information on our available tours.


We are proud to provide tours which allow you to experience China in a one-of-a-kind way:


    1. Culture Voyage: Our guides emphasize the historical and cultural significance of each of our destinations. Whether you want to chase adventure along the famous Silk Road, or immerse your soul during a spiritual journey of Tibet, or find inner-peace during a Daoist pilgrimage in central China, our staff will be able to provide top-notch guidance through the splendor of China's greatest hidden treasures.

    2.Preservation: The beauty of this ancient culture is of immeasurable value to the world, and our staff works diligently with local associations to preserve the folklore, music, and  painting of Tibet. We invite you to take our tours and take in some of this precious knowledge first hand.

    3.Environment: True to our love of the areas that we visit, we like to emphasize our commitment to keeping China beautiful. For that reason, we try to trek, hike, or bike to any destination when possible.

    4.Charity: While Tibet is a beautiful place, it also a place in turmoil. We work closely with US and European associations t support adoption of orphans.


Officially, Amazing China Travel is Euro-North America Division of CCT Fujian, Fujian Comfort International Travel Service Co.,Ltd., found in 1993, is the Fujian Branch of China Comfort Travel Service Co.,Ltd (CCT) which was ranked the Top 50 international travel service in China. For B2B OR travel agency Please email to


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