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11 days Inner Trek pilgrimage circuit of holy Mt Kawa Karpo


Kawa Karpo (6740m) also called Prince Snow Mt. is seated at the west end of the White Horse Snow Mountain in southern Kham area. The local Tibetans regard it as a Holy Mountain. Each year in autumn, the Tibetan people come from Kham area and near gathering here for pilgrimage the Prince Snow Mountain. Every year in autumn, the Tibetans from all Kham area will take a pilgrimage (Kora) trekking around the holy mountain, to worship the prince, to pray for good future. To many Tibetans, this pilgrimage is one of the most important thing in their life, because they believe, trekking once they can get a lifetime's peace and safe, if they can make this trekking for 3 times in this life, then they can go to the paradise after this life. This pilgrim trekking has more than 600 years history, the scenery on the way is breathtakingly beautiful, the ecology system is well preserved on the 3 parallel rivers area ( Yangtze- Mekong- Nu-Jiang), world heritage since 2003.

Compare with Trek outer pilgrimage circuit of Kawa Kapo, Trek inner pilgrimage is soft one. From the Mekong gorges, we need to climb over 3860m to reach Yubeng village, a Tibetan village friendly and hospitable. From Yubeng village will trek to pilgrimage XiaoNong (Metsomo Base camp), Shengpu.

A complete view of this area, probably one of the most attractive for trekking all over China, without difficulties, and offering a rich nature!


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The guide is Excellent. No hesitations, fluid speaking ability, easily understood. I hope one day to return with my family and visit rural China. So far I've only been on a short afternoon tour of Fuzhou, arranged mostly through the conference I attended, but hosted by Grace -- who is an excellent tour guide.---Martin Damus (Canada)
Thank you for your great cooperation. It was a great success !--Thierry SANSON(France)
Dear Grace,I can say on behalf of me and the group how much we enjoyed your company and help and charm at all times.Have a good holiday and please get in touch when you can. It was a pleasure to work with wishes--Graham Horwood(Britain)



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