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Overland from Lijiang to Lhasa

This adventurous and wild land cruising journey is a pilgrimage to Lhasa. The modern roads to Lhasa were often built along the ancient tea&horse caravan and pilgrimage trails of the Tibetan people in the Shangri-la area. We start in Lijiang and follows the "Yunnan-Tibet highway" through the dramatic gorges of the Yangtze, Lancang and Nujiang. Start from Lijiang, drive through the majestic Tiger Leaping Gorge, get to the rich flora of Shangri-la. Then descend down to the Yangtze before entering the Lancang valley. Here we have great vistas of the glaciers of sacred Mt. Khawakarpo. Continueing along the Lancang river we see the salt wells of Yanjing before reaching Mangkang, where the southern and eastern routes merge. From Mangkang we travel through the Nujiang valley before entering the Gongbu region with its virgin forests and “hidden valleys”. We approach Lhasa from Mozhugongka.

We have get no more words to describe the views and landscape along the trail.

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The guide is Excellent. No hesitations, fluid speaking ability, easily understood. I hope one day to return with my family and visit rural China. So far I've only been on a short afternoon tour of Fuzhou, arranged mostly through the conference I attended, but hosted by Grace -- who is an excellent tour guide.---Martin Damus (Canada)
Thank you for your great cooperation. It was a great success !--Thierry SANSON(France)
Dear Grace,I can say on behalf of me and the group how much we enjoyed your company and help and charm at all times.Have a good holiday and please get in touch when you can. It was a pleasure to work with wishes--Graham Horwood(Britain)



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